Alicante Airport

Also known as El Altet, it is located in one of the most dynamic and quickest economically growing areas of the Mediterranean coast.

Airport- Alicante Line

From the first stop, Puerto del Mar, up to the airport there is only 30 minutes

Fall in love with Alicante

Visitors are surprised by its great artistic and cultural heritage, although we must not forget its gastronomy and traditions, which make this city a dream for its visitors.

The Palmeral of Elche

Desde el aeropuerto, a través de sus líneas 1A o 1B, es posible el desplazamiento hasta Elche

The Palmeral of Elche

This is the biggest palm plantation in Europe, with a unique cultural landscape and a universal meaning, founded more than one thousand years ago

Discover the Alicante Aerobus

The Aerobus is the shuttle bus service connecting the airport to the city every 20 minutes and to Elche and Arenales every 60 minutes, everyday of the year.

You will be able to make your trip to the Alicante Airport easily and economically, without transfers. The route covers strategic stops in Alicante and in Elche.

All our vehicles are adapted to people with reduced mobility, they have a large luggage capacity and al the amenities of a good public transport service.

Restaurante Aldebarán Puerto de Alicante

Unique fare

3,85 € to Alicante and from 1,55 € to Elche 

This ticket allows you to use line C-6 to Alicante and lines 1A and 1B to Elche-Arenales

Journey time

30′ Minutes

20 minutes to Alicante, 40 minutes to Elche and 15 minutes to Arenales

Adapted vehicles

People with reduced mobility

All our vehicles are adapted to people with reduced mobility.


All your luggage

Transport of luggage is free of charge.

The bus also has generous luggage racks and/or trunks to put your luggage.

On board acoustic information system (SIENA)

  • All buses in line C6 connecting the airport to the city of Alicante have an information system for travellers consisting of verbal and written messages with information about the next stop, destination, time, transfer lines and possible deviations of the line.
  • Additionally, these vehicles have an acoustic alarm outside the vehicle, near the access door, indicating by voice the number of the bus line and its direction. This acoustic signal also makes to find the door easier.

Sistema de Internet inalámbrico (Wi-Fi)

  • All buses in line C6 connecting the airport to the city of Alicante have free Wi-Fi internet service.
  • Internet can be directly accessed by using any laptop, smartphone or tablet.